Secret Forest

Secret Forest – play free online casinos

The popular and popular magical theme inspired again and again the developers of Novomatic to create dizzying simulators. But Slot Machine Secret Forest is different from the competition. This exciting slot – is the habitat of a huge army of fairytale characters and an excellent source for impressive achievements. Please play the machines online without registration and relax against the backdrop of the picturesque landscape. The developers settle in the simulator’s funny gnomes, a family of secret mushrooms, mystical gryphons, charming sorceresses, and living trees. If you play for free, try to find all of them in a magical forest. The company of the same characters can be exchanged for rewards of up to 9000 coins.

Various symbols in the game

All signs of this machine distinguish by fabulous shine and without the classic card «10», «J», «Q», «K», «A», which are in different colors and they look very colorful. A fantastic image “Toadstool”, “Treasure Hunter”, “Unicorn”, “Tiger Hawk” will allow you to take the first step into the magical forest, believing that it was only in your imagination. The creatures find their own resting place in the “castle”. Despite the fact that the symbol looks majestic, it has no special features.

The winning symbols of the game

“Girl” brings you the biggest profits in combinations. It also acts as a “wild” symbol and replaces the others, giving you a winning combination. The appearance of the image on the screen will be automatically multiplied in all hands Your profits will double! Charming Blonde, which is decorated with a magnificent jewel, can easily beckon you. But you should not give in to their enticement, because you should remember that you are in the secret forest.

If you play 3 or more brilliant “Forest” symbols, a free game begins with the rotation of the 15 Drum (similar to Games Lucky Lady Charm and Unicorm Magic). All your winnings will multiply by 3 times. Also, if you fall again successful combination during the free ride, it will continue! You can start the game anytime, then multiply a good combination. Just click on “Bet One” or “Bet Max” to guess “red” or “black” card. The secret forest is waiting for you and he is ready to reward you generously for your courage and risk.

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