Although the game language—menu, options, etc…—is in English, the game itself contains quite a bit of Russian. The reason for this is that Archangel is a soviet spaceship from the past. But don't be afraid, due to your character's complete amnesia, the language barrier is really not so important. Everything can be understood via iconographic, hints, attention colors plus graphic highlight and your own intuition & feelings. Anyway, all the texts, warnings and information in Russian are for visual effect and realism, understanding Russian will not help you complete missions in the game. Important clues and hints will be connected to the activity movies on your helmet interface.
       Just for fun, here are some screenshots with Russian texts from movies.

Authorized military personnel only.

Unknown biological consistency.
Quarantine mode on ship control modules.
Manually desinfection.

Elevator control:
Green - move down
(or up according to position)
Red - cancel.

Hermetisation completed.
Ready to drop-down.

Green - activated. Red - not activated.

Red frame:
Unknown radio signal.
Changing contact protocol.
Priority to military mission.

Weapon systems testing.
Common targeting.
Ready to fire.

Usually, personal interface synchronization will be like this. Anything important there will have clear graphic highlight.
Small letters and jumping windows are not important for understanding and game success.

General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces
To primary combat crew of spaceship “Archangel”
Top Secret

Due to complications during the “Archangel” mission and the faster than expected development of the US combat space program, I’m ordering the immediate placement of our mobile space defensive system to follow the Martian landing to ensure the full protection of space modules and scientists.
Report back immediately after landing.
To ship commander Kravcew: The precautions you’ve taken regarding virus contagion are not supported yet. Wait for full chemical composition analysis.

Good luck,
Chief of the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces
Marshal of the Soviet Union
Sergey Ahromeev
January 1984
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