Archangel survivor - your character

In spite of the first-person nature of the game, you can still see your character's body in reflective surfaces, due to some actions, and of course your hands will be visible every time you collect items for your inventory.
This is default suit. For now, your helmet interface is automatically synchronized with on-board computers, so you can see different activities according to the storyboard. In the second part of the game your suit will be upgraded, giving you more control over additional powerful devices.
The bike, vehicle and Aurora spaceship are not listed here, but they are built for interaction can be found in the game.


Commando Knife

Very useful, it will help you in many places

Power device

Like a battery, but more powerfull; mid-size

Spray balloon

Yes, its flammable. Keep away from children

EMI granade

Works on Electro-Magnetic Impulses; no destruction, just shuts down electrical/mechanical devices


For use with in-game computers


Mid-size Biohazard balloon; may also be explosive—handle with care

Hand welder

Helps to open some things; small-size


Very useful when in a dark spot—provides necessary lighting


Yes yes, spaceship with diskettes. Pay attention to their color marks.

Hard disk

Can store data.

UV lamp

Ultra Violet – find objects that remain hidden from the naked-eye; small-size


Love it—It might not always help, but it's always fun to use. Mid-size

Big Cutter

Snip-snip—Watch your fingers (just joking); mid size

Room keys

Pay attention to the color of each key. Small-size

BioSleep key

Key that opens the Bio Sleep cameras; once inserted into the proper place, it cannot be removed.

Electro battery

Power source for space vehicles; mid-size


Boom. Mid-size

Suit Engine

Automatically connected to your suit when you got it

Barcode reader

Reads barcodes.

Recon Robot and remote control

Mid-size; must collect both items to use

Robo-Bird and remote control

Small size; must collect both items to use

Personal rifle

Mid-size; aim, shoot

Automatic defense system

Can't collect it, but interaction is possible
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