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       Game features:
       * Full story, discover the history and answers during the game.
       * Game locations: Full constructed Soviet Colony, Martian Face zone, Pyramids area, one secret zone.
       * Colony complex interiors: command center, laboratories, hospital, living modules, military section and more.
       * Separated supply areas: terraforming and agricultural facilities, satellite communication center, refinery sections,
          solar power modules, landing zone, transport hangar and more.
       * Large martian surface according to real Cydonia region, including detailed interiors of alien structures.
       * Real alive characters with ability to speak and interact with the main hero.
       * Transport availability for relocations.
       * Game flow on daylight and night.

       Technical features:
       * HD images and movies with detailed 3d environments, characters and transport.
       * Versions for Android, iOS, PC. Additional platforms are optional.
       * Increased interactivity:
           360 degrees panoramic turns;
           less short movies (5 sec.), but more long movies (15-30 sec.);
           additional buttons - highlight movement directions, tasks notepad, discovered zones map.
       * Full versions for Russian (original) and English (translated) languages.
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