Here are screenshots for almost all locations on Archangel Spaceship.
       I think it might not be as interesting to play after seeing all the locations—half the fun is in exploring something new. As a result, I've changed sizes and angles of view slightly, some locations not represented. For part of the movie clips, check out the official trailer and game channel. More exclusive screenshots on game facebook page.

  First Deck  
  Start room   Corridor Two  
  Store room   Technical Section  
  Reactor   Biosleep room  
  Dinning room   Elevator section  
  Second Deck  
  Corridor Three   Captain room  
  BioEngineering room   Lazareth  
  Arsenal Defense section   Arsenal  
  Third Deck  
  Quarantine section   Navigation room  
  Pilots cabine   Garage area (third deck view)  
  Fourth Deck  
  Outer space area   Hangar area  
  Vechicle interior   Aurora's cockpit  
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