It's the end of 20th century –the human race is nearing the coming apocalypse—total wars, nuclear threats and global starvation. Yet hope still remains… using ancient alien technology combined with modern knowledge, the Soviet Union is secretly developing the first human expedition to mars. Among the chosen for the mission crew of the spaceship "Archangel" are Special Forces soldiers and brilliant scientists. Their mission is to create the new human civilization on Mars and uncover answers about the past.
    Archangel Timeline:
    April 1982 – Archangel starts its secret journey.
    June 1982 – Crew's last contact before bio-sleep; Archangel switches to automatic flight mode.
    January 1983 – Archangel's space flight proceeds in total silence. Contact with ship crew is lost.
The year…unknown. You wake up alone…no memories…no sound…
Your mission is to activate Archangel systems. Make your way through the ship to the space hangar and fly out on drop ship to the Mars.

Game idea

As a developer of game environments and video clips, I wanted to create a small world of a spaceship interior with cool devices and transport to use through the game. I chose to make the game a "quest game" because the static pictures and short movie clips are nearly limitless for programming process after my work.
I referenced some concepts and ideas from the films "Aliens", "Prometheus," "Pandorum" and "Priest" as well as some artwork from 2d and 3d artists. The purpose was to create some familiarity with these styles, but also to keep my own original design and ideas.
In addition, futuristic theme allows gamers to play with unlimited combinations of objects and game play environment. The beauty of using a futuristic theme is that you are not constrained by the limitations of the present—anything's possible in a future world.

Interface & Controls

I tried to reach a new level of gaming—giving players much more options in terms of actions, environment, and plot twists within the story. Ultimately, the key is the 3d interface. While 2d images have their beauty, they don't grant players total freedom of movement—to move forward, look around, focus inward, turn around and go back in opposite direction. The 3d render solves this problem, and makes the game much more realistic—so the whole game was created in 3d space.

Here are some explanations:

Marks one by one:

1. Back button - you can return to your previous locations, going back one step in the story. This button is almost always available.

2. Look back - you can stay in the same spot, but the view will be turned 180 degrees, giving a view of the opposite direction. This button is not always available during gameplay.

3. Personal vest - you can quickly view and access their equipment with one-click to open/close. When closed, you can enjoy a fuller viewing area, but even when opened, the vest does not cover any important aspects of the game.

4. Bag cell - your collected objects will be here. Slide right-left to view all inventory.

5. Menu - Quickly access the options menu.

"Chain of Events"

The "Chain of Events" is critical to mission success. Often times, players are required to complete a series of tasks in order to achieve success. It's pretty easy to find the usable items on board and the purpose of most of them is very clear. But players must also consider where to use these items and how. There's also a place for brute force in the game. Firing weapons at walls and other objects is not always the solution, but can be helpful at times. Logic is also an element in the game. Firing at gas tanks from close distances will have devastating consequences , the main character may have lost his memory, but not his mind!

Mind traps

"Mind traps" – these are found inside the spaceship, but have no bearing on mission success. These provide players with the ability to fully explore the 3d environment in multiple directions. (Don't worry, they have limited appearances in the game.)

Non-linear Mission

There are often different ways to reach a mission goal. They are not too many this time and I will not discover what to do, you will see, you can find. Sometimes it's pretty easy to make a decision; sometimes it can be more difficult. For help, ask Archangel community for guidance. In all cases, I'll be providing additional clues and help here and on our Facebook page.


While the game is limited to computer graphics, and not real pictures from spaceship, I've tried to recreate some important devices, structures and communications for actual environments. Some physics and space laws also exist in the game as well. For example, you will feel the explosions wave, shakes in vehicle movement, grenade flashes that momentarily blind, hard and mild impacts on your spacesuit, and of course, some gravity loss by leaving the ship into space.
The vehicles are electro-mobiles with batteries, as there is no gasoline in space. The Aurora drop ship works on futuristic cold synthesis reactor with space-adapted weapons system. Radiation shield protection included :)


• Space-themed quest fully developed as 3d high-detailed environment.
• More than 20 original spaceship sections – from medium rooms to huge garage and drop ship hangar areas, each with its own objects and visualization concept, connected by transition areas, elevators, space exit and technical rooms.
• Interactive scenes – more than 100 movie clips with cinematic and sound effects due to game play actions.
• Computer graphics that allow for full location control– move in all directions, interact with objects with your character's hands.
• Futuristic devices and weapons: robots, electronic parts and interfaces, scanners, guns, explosives, automatic fire systems and more.
• Space transports with detailed interior for interaction: electro-bike, personnel carrier vehicle and extraction spaceship "Aurora".
• No impossible puzzles—no way to get held up, just explore the spaceship, find the objects and think about where to use them. You can pass through the game by process of elimination; clicking object-per-object in each location, though it's more fun to use your wits. Anyway, I can guarantee at least a couple hours of fun, may be more :)
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