Welcome to “Archangel” mobile game site!

       This is the beginning of a series of pseudo-historical quests, events that never been happened in the past, but that could occur in the future. For now, they are here, produced in 3d computer graphics with near-visual reality and light science base.
       The first part of space quest, "Archangel," is presented here. We hope that the graphic performance will bring new life to the space/quest theme of the game. And, as the highest quality product, we can ensure player satisfaction.
       If you are interesting in finding out exactly what's inside the game and how it was created, browse this site and discover the innovations and principles—not usually found in quest games—that underlie the game. For more on game plot, check out the game guide page. But, we suggest making the smart move—getting the game now and playing!

Android and Windows Phone versions released! We are working on iOS.

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